Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hello everyone!!!! It has been such a long time since I have been on here! I thought that my blog had a virus and I wasnt able to access it so after a while I stopped trying. Yesterday my friend and flatmate started her very own nail blog so I came on to check it out and log so I could follow her and what do ya know, I could get onto my blog again!
So how has everyone been?! I hope you're not that annoyed that I dropped off the face of the planet. A lot has gone down since I was last on here. (If you dont really wanna hear about my life feel free to skip down the next few paragraphs).
 For starters I have finished and graduated university. I now have a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Classical Studies and Art History. My graduation ceremony was in December (12/12/12 to be exact =P). It was such an awesome feeling walking across the stage to receive my degree with such elation that after three long years of sleepless nights, tedious readings, countless assignments and a lot of learning that it has all finally paid off.
Secondly, I have moved out of home (at last!!). While I was studying, I was able to stay at home and be rent free so that I could focus on my studying. Within a week of finishing my degree, one of my closest friends had a spare room in her flat with her and two other flatmates. We were there for about three months and towards the end a lot of drama went down (I wont get into the details. It's a VERY long story) and me and my friend, Sam found a new place to live together. So now it is just the two of us in this cute little two bedroom place. Its not very big but it suits us just fine.
And finally, the other big thing to happen to me since disappearing is that I have started full time work. I was incredibly lucky to find a job straight out of uni. While procrastinating from studying for exams, I was looking at a job website and decided to apply for one. The next morning I got a call from them, arranged an interview for the following week. So I got the job and was to start training the week after the interview. The timing of everything was so perfect; my final exam was on the Friday and I started my new job the following Monday!! Things have been going well there, I'm working with a great group of people who I get on with really well and they make work worthwhile. By the end of  this month I'd have been there 7 months.

Alright, now that that is out of the way i'll post some nails! Yay!

This is Zoya Dannii and Zoya Rory with Bundle Monster stamp BM312 with Konad Black

Well I must say it is good to be back! I missed all this and of course you guys! I'd really like to hear from you so feel free to drop me a line or two! =D
Til next time!

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