Saturday, December 10, 2011

31 Day Challenge Day 31

The final day of the challenge has arrived! To be completely honest, I am so glad it is over! It took so much longer than I expected it to but I did end up doing some things that I normally wouldn't have attempted. The final challenge is to recreate your favourite mani. My three favourites are Day 9 and 11, Day 13 and Day 27. I had a request for a tutorial of my monarch nails from Day 13: Animal print so this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to do it. Get comfy! You're in for a long one

First up is two coats of Maybelling Mini Colorama Urban Orange

Next, I created a gradient using Maybelline Mini Colorama Urban Lemon and a make up sponge

Using a nail art brush create two curved lines across the nail like so. The line at the tip of the nail needs to be thicker than the other one.

Connect the two horizontal lines with vertical lines. Try to curve the ends of the vertical lines so there is a smooth join between the vertical and horizontal lines. Does that make sense? I does in my head but it is 3am right now so I have no idea if I'm just talking jibba jabba haha

add two more black lines

then using a dotting tool add white dots to the tips and down one side of each nail. If you don't have a dotting tool then a toothpick or similar would do the trick too

Add a top coat and you're done!
And there ya have it! 31 Day Challenge COMPLETE! yuss! haha
Later today I'll post a review of all my challenge posts so stay tuned =)

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