Friday, May 6, 2011

The Shimmery Feather

Hello everyone!! 
Today I used one of my new polishes from my haul last week: OPI "Simmer and Shimmer" from the Burlesque collection.

I did one coat of Australis "Sky High" for the base. This is one of my favourite polishes. It has a wide brush and applies so easily. People always comment on it when I wear it too. On top of the base I put one coat of 'simmer and shimmer'

Then I did a lot of contemplating which BM plate I would use and ended up going with BM212, the image that kinda looks like peacock feathers. I liked the mani with and without the stamping so I only stamped one hand =P

I am so excited!!! Leslie tagged me in her challenge post! The challenge is to blindly choose three polishes from your collection and no matter what they are, you have to create a design and as Tim Gunn from 'Project Runway' says "make it work!"
As soon as I read this I ran (literally ran!) to my toolbox where I keep my polishes and picked these three...

Revlon "Precious Metal", OPI "Yoga-ta Get This Blue" and OPI "Teenage Dream". I think I got pretty lucky with these three. I'm gonna come up with something over the weekend!
Challenge ACCEPTED!! =D

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  1. I love the suspense of waiting to see what you do with those 3! Can't wait to see how you make them work! Lol