Sunday, May 8, 2011

Silver Mermaid

After getting new polishes yesterday from the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection, I decided that today I would try them out instead of the challenge post. It is still coming along btw!!
Here is OPI Silver Shatter over OPI Mermaid's Tears

I like how the shatter is a bit sparkly and that it isn't as 'in your face' as OPI black shatter. I'm thinking it'll look awesome over black. Will be trying that out at some point.

Here is Mermaid's Tears by itself. Please excuse the regrowth! I need to either get a back fill for my acrylics or get them taken off! I just can't bring myself to pick them off. My nails would hate me.

I hope everyone is having a fab weekend! I better get back to my assignment, due tomorrow. Trust me to leave it to the last minute =P


  1. I want Silver Shatter and Mermaid's Tears so badly!! They are so gorgeous together!
    I always leave assignments til last minute too... :)

  2. Theyre so pretty. It made my day when I found them yesterday! I wanted to get Planks a lot but it's really similar to OPI do u lilac it so i went with mermaid tears.
    Im glad i'm not the only person who leaves them to the last min. I have two due tomorrow and have to work tonight eek, it might be a late one haha