Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spontaneous Marbling

Today I was out at the mall with my friend and found a nail salon and found that they sold china glaze!! I have found no where else in New Zealand that sells china glaze nail polish and I am so excited that I've finally found somewhere. So I bought China Glaze Spontaneous =D
I've been wanting to do some more marbling for a while now and today I had the time. I used China Glaze "Spontaneous", Essie "Mint Candy Apple" and BYS "Matte White"

Here's both hands. I like the pinky and thumb of the left hand and the middle finger on the right hand.
Here's a shot of my fingers before cleaning up

They didn't turn out as well as my first effort here. I still like it though.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend =D


  1. i marbled with a mint green and spontaneous before too! it's really pretty.

    girl, use tape around your fingers and save yourself a lot of cleanup time.

  2. lol yeah I've seen people use tape before, I havnt tried it yet. mostly because I dont have any but will give it a shot sometime :)

  3. Great job, I love the colors, I may have to steal this idea!! :)

  4. Go for it Fiona! I'd love to see