Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Best Water Marble I've Ever Done

I had to do a second post today because I couldn't wait until tomorrow. I've had my gradient zebra nails on since Wednesday. They lasted really well; they only has a couple of chips and lasted through two shifts at work =)
Last week I saw a post using the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection to marble and of course I had to try it! Here is the original post.
I don't have "Planks a Lot" because it's very similar to OPI "Do You Lilac It?" which I already had so couldn't justify buying it.
I used OPI "Sparrow Me The Drama", "Mermaids Tears" and "Do You Lilac It?"

LOVE! <3

Here's the mess when I was half way through. And if you're wondering what the green claw thing on the left hand side is, it's my nail clippers =)

Here's the right hand too



  1. pretty!! i would soooooo do this if i had the full size bottles. hahaha

  2. I really really need to try out water marbling! These look awesome. :)

  3. wow, thats soo good. i love colors. i wanna do a pastel water marble.. but its such a waste and im cheap haha

  4. I hate how much polish water marbling uses but this was worth it!!
    I'm glad you guys like it :)

  5. WOW, great job!! Have you checked out My Simple Little Pleasures on youtube? If you haven't you need to! She does the best water marbles and this reminds me of something she would do!! :)

  6. @Fiona: I have seen some of her videos. She's so good!! I love her work