Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mix and Match

Here's one from the archive. I was bored one day so tested out different colours, mostly ones I hadn't tried before

Pinky: China Glaze "Second Hand Silk"
Ring: Orly "Blue Belle"
Middle: China Glaze "Gr8"
Index: Orly " Gilded Coral"
Thumb: Orly "Royal Velvet"
and then all covered with OPI Black Shatter

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gilded Coral with lace

Hey! Sorry for the lack of posting this week. I don't really have much of an excuse, just been a bit busy.
Last night I tried out Orly Gilded Coral. I've had it for a few weeks now and finally got around to giving it a spin. I did some stamping over it using konad plate m57. I've seen someone else use the flower and fishnet pattern together on their blog but I can't remember who it was and don't have time to go looking for it right now. So if it's you, let me know and I'll credit your blog =)

I have a feeling I won't be posting very much this week either! It's the last week of lectures before exams and I have a test and an assignment to do so will be busy with those.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

You're hot then you're cold

you're yes then you're no, right, that's enough of that! Today I tried out my BYS nail polish that changes colour with the temperature. When it's warm, it's pink and when it's cool, it's blurple. I was a bit sceptical about whether it would work and was pleasantly surprised! It is blurple in the bottle and my fingers are naturally quite cold so it stayed that colour until it was dry and I ran it under warm water

Here is what it looks like cool ^^^

And this is warm ^^^

 I then did some stamping using black special polish on Konad plate m63

The thumb in this photo is a bit pinker than the others. This polish has been changing colour all day! I'm loving it.
 Also, my first Nubar polish arrived in the mail this morning! I got "Dewdrop" from their latest spring collection, I think...

This is my  little gingie friend who as with me while I was doing my nails this morning. His name is Chip and was all cuddly so I thought I'd take some photos of him too =D
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rebecca Likes Nails Giveaway =D

As some of you may know, fellow blogger Rebecca is having a 500 follower giveaway!
Here is a link to it here
She has some great prizes! Her franken polish is SO pretty!!! I want I want I want =P haha

Here's a pic of all her fabulous prizes!

You should follow her and enter! do it! DO IT! =D

Feeling Fruity?!

This will be my second post tonight but I couldn't wait until tomorrow to share this one. Since my nails are pretty much screwed for a wee while due to breakage and other such damage, I'll be doing more designs on my friend/flatmate. Tonight I did watermelons! This is partly influence by a tissue box in my room and partly influenced by a photo I found on google (I can't find it now though so can't reference the original artist but if I find out who it is I'll come back to this post and add a link). Here they are...

I used Nicole by OPI "Make Mine Lime", Orly "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe", Orly "Pink Lemonade", BYS "Matte White" and BYS "Black Satin".
I love how these turned out and will most likely do it again on my own nails soon!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

disappointing leopard

Hey all.
A couple days ago I tried out one of new(ish) polishes that I hadn't tried yet. It looked so pretty in the bottle. It's a rich chocolate brown with a purple shimmer but when it's on the nail the shimmer is almost non existent. So a little disappointed, a did some stamping.

This is one coat of Australis "limited edition 1" then stamped using Konad special polish in Lilac with plate BM221.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Hey guys!
So last night I was getting ready to go to work, was putting my shoes on and somehow managed to rip half my fingernail off!! It ripped half way down the nail and half way across, so now I don't really know what to do with it... It's pretty sore so don't want to take it off the rest of the way. Right now I just have a plaster over it. If you have any tips please let me know! I'm still going to be painting but my photos may look a little messed up for a while as I wont include my middle finger.

My sister's friend came round for dinner last night and said that since she saw my star wars mani she'd been obsessed with the idea so I did them for her...

I used the same polishes as I used for the first post so if you would like to know check out the link above =)
Have a good week!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Hey all. I'm so glad that blogger is back up and running! The only thing I wanted to do yesterday was a blog post so I might have to do two today to get it out of my system haha
So on Tuesday, I was walking to uni and decided (unwisely) to have a quick look to see what a local retailer to see what they had in the way of OPI Pirates of the Caribbean polishes. I'd already bought the ones I wanted (mermaids tears and silver shatter) but somehow ended up leaving with 'Sparrow me the drama'. So glad I did though. It looks quite plan in the bottle but it's so pretty and pink on the nail! 

This is two coats of SMTD then some stamping using plate BM221 with white Konad special polish. 
The day after I did this, I took my mum out for high tea for mother's day so the mani was appropriate for the setting =P

Friday, May 13, 2011

I love a challenge

I've found the camera cable so we're back in business! Last night I finally did my design for the challenge from Leslie and here it is...

I did one coat of OPI "Yoga-ta Get This Blue" then painted the hearts with OPI "Teenage Dream" and the dots done with Revlon "Precious Metal"

To keep the challenge going I get to tag three other bloggers to complete the challenge! Fiona and Amanda, Jenny and Kaylie and Abby I choose you!! Your mission: to blindly choose three polishes from your collection and create a design using the three colours you've chosen. Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Having Issues

Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted in a while. This is partly because of some uni work I had due. The good news is that I've handed in all that I need to for a few weeks.
Here's the bad news: as soon as I could get back into it, my camera starts having issues! I'm still painting and taking photos but I can't get them onto the computer yet. I usually transfer them straight from the memory card but it wont let me so gotta use the cable which I don't usually use and can't find. I'm working on it so please bare with me! =D

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Silver Mermaid

After getting new polishes yesterday from the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection, I decided that today I would try them out instead of the challenge post. It is still coming along btw!!
Here is OPI Silver Shatter over OPI Mermaid's Tears

I like how the shatter is a bit sparkly and that it isn't as 'in your face' as OPI black shatter. I'm thinking it'll look awesome over black. Will be trying that out at some point.

Here is Mermaid's Tears by itself. Please excuse the regrowth! I need to either get a back fill for my acrylics or get them taken off! I just can't bring myself to pick them off. My nails would hate me.

I hope everyone is having a fab weekend! I better get back to my assignment, due tomorrow. Trust me to leave it to the last minute =P

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Silver Shatter

I got OPI silver shatter today!! I was in the mall and found the Pirates of the Caribbean range but they didn't have any shatter left. I picked up "Mermaid's Tears" anyway and scored a $20 voucher for enough points on my loyalty membership card. When I got home I called around some shops to see if anywhere else had it in stock and when I found some, my Mum volunteered  to drive out to get it for me so I could work on my assignment (<3 She's the best!). And now it's mine!! Yaaaaaay!

I'm in the middle of hatching a plan of attack for my challenge trio! Stay tuned =D

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Shimmery Feather

Hello everyone!! 
Today I used one of my new polishes from my haul last week: OPI "Simmer and Shimmer" from the Burlesque collection.

I did one coat of Australis "Sky High" for the base. This is one of my favourite polishes. It has a wide brush and applies so easily. People always comment on it when I wear it too. On top of the base I put one coat of 'simmer and shimmer'

Then I did a lot of contemplating which BM plate I would use and ended up going with BM212, the image that kinda looks like peacock feathers. I liked the mani with and without the stamping so I only stamped one hand =P

I am so excited!!! Leslie tagged me in her challenge post! The challenge is to blindly choose three polishes from your collection and no matter what they are, you have to create a design and as Tim Gunn from 'Project Runway' says "make it work!"
As soon as I read this I ran (literally ran!) to my toolbox where I keep my polishes and picked these three...

Revlon "Precious Metal", OPI "Yoga-ta Get This Blue" and OPI "Teenage Dream". I think I got pretty lucky with these three. I'm gonna come up with something over the weekend!
Challenge ACCEPTED!! =D

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Star Wars Day!!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new followers! Every time I have a look there are new people and it's all very exciting.
Today is May the 4th aka Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you! =P bad joke I know haha. I did star wars nails specially for today

Here's what I used:
Thumb/Star Wars initials: Color Club "Red Velvet" and Chi Chi "Cyber Vixen"
Index/C3P0: China Glaze "GR8", BYS "Black Satin" and BYS "Matte White"
Middle/Storm trooper: BYS "Matte White" and BYS "Black Satin"
Ring/Light Sabres: Color Club "Red Velvet", BYS "Matte White", OPI "Big Hair...Big Nails" and BYS "Blue Bang"
Pinky/OB1 Kenobi: BYS "Matte White", BYS "Blue Bang" and BYS "Black Satin"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Come Butter-Fly With Me, Lets Fly, Lets Fly Away..

I am loving the images on the new Bundle Monster plates! There are so many I like it's making it hard to choose. Tonight I used BM plate 205 over a sponged gradient base

I used one coat of OPI "Do You Lilac It?" then sponged on China Glaze "C-C-Courage". This was the first time I have tried to sponge and it went better than I expected for a first try. I will definitely be trying again soon. =)