Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Hey all. I'm so glad that blogger is back up and running! The only thing I wanted to do yesterday was a blog post so I might have to do two today to get it out of my system haha
So on Tuesday, I was walking to uni and decided (unwisely) to have a quick look to see what a local retailer to see what they had in the way of OPI Pirates of the Caribbean polishes. I'd already bought the ones I wanted (mermaids tears and silver shatter) but somehow ended up leaving with 'Sparrow me the drama'. So glad I did though. It looks quite plan in the bottle but it's so pretty and pink on the nail! 

This is two coats of SMTD then some stamping using plate BM221 with white Konad special polish. 
The day after I did this, I took my mum out for high tea for mother's day so the mani was appropriate for the setting =P


  1. i also love SMTD. i got it yesterday! but it's mini! haha. i have to use it sparingly.

  2. I got SMTD also, and it's soo pretty! I wish I was able to get Mermaid tears and Stranger tides as well though.

  3. SMTD is so pretty! quite like CG second hand silk which i forgot i had haha