Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Star Wars Day!!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new followers! Every time I have a look there are new people and it's all very exciting.
Today is May the 4th aka Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you! =P bad joke I know haha. I did star wars nails specially for today

Here's what I used:
Thumb/Star Wars initials: Color Club "Red Velvet" and Chi Chi "Cyber Vixen"
Index/C3P0: China Glaze "GR8", BYS "Black Satin" and BYS "Matte White"
Middle/Storm trooper: BYS "Matte White" and BYS "Black Satin"
Ring/Light Sabres: Color Club "Red Velvet", BYS "Matte White", OPI "Big Hair...Big Nails" and BYS "Blue Bang"
Pinky/OB1 Kenobi: BYS "Matte White", BYS "Blue Bang" and BYS "Black Satin"


  1. Love the thumb! And the middle nail is pretty cool too! Awesome job! And the forth is strong in you! Lol

  2. Thank you!! The thumb turned out better than I expected =D
    I'm really enjoying your cartoon series btw they're so good!

  3. Haha, I love these!! May the fourth be with you too!

  4. I tagged you in a challenge! Check it out: