Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Day Challenge Day 15

Today is the half way point for the challenge and I will be showing you 'Delicate Print'. For this I used one of the new Maybelline Colorama polishes I picked up in Sydney; Sweet Candy.

This is two coats. the first coat came out a bit streaky and patchy but it sorted itself out with the second coat. Next I added stamping using plate BM20 and Revlon 'No Shrinking Violet' as the stamping polish.

This is my absolute favourite stamp from the first set of Bundle Monster stamping plates. Like the rest of the full nail stamps in the first set of BM plates, the image is quite small, thankfully they made them bigger in the second set. In order to get full coverage on the thumb, I just turned the stamp sideways and stamped twice =)
Next up for the challenge will be Tribal Print

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