Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 Day Challenge Day 18

Hey ladies, hope you're all having an awesome weekend! For all you New Zealand ladies, I suggest you check NZ Sale. They have China Glaze, normal colours for $7.95 and crackles for $11.95!! The sale closes on Monday so check it out now!!
Today for the challenge is Half Moons. This was my first ever half moon mani and I really like how it turned out.

This is a base of OPI 'And This Little Piggy' (4 coats!! Ouch but so worth it, such a pretty polish) then one coat of OPI 'OPI Ink Seude'. In the above photos there is no top coat over OPI Ink. It looks so different with a top coat. The next couple of photos are with one so you can see the difference.

To do the half moons I used a cupcake plaster which is shaped like the following image. I didnt have any of those circle stickers that some people use so had to improvise haha

(image is from google)
Next up for the challenge is Galaxy Nails

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