Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm Back + Holiday Haul

Hello everybody! I'm back from my trip to Sydney and I have a lot to share but first of all I just want to say that my 100 follower giveaway closes in 1 hour!! After it has closed I will draw a winner and will most likely post about it tomorrow =) Thank you to everyone who is a follower and for all the comments you leave. I read and appreciate every single one.

Onto the haul. I was in Sydney for 5 days and bought 20 nail polishes. I don't know about everyone else but this is a LOT for me to buy in less than a week.

I realized just after I took this photo that I missed one polish haha whoops

Now don't get too excited. This is not a real Nfu Oh! Although I really wish it was =P Just the bottle is similar to Nfu Oh! It is actually Scandal 'Moody Sky'; a metallic teal-y blue. Next is Revlon Glimmer Gloss 'Strawberry Sizzle'. This is so damn pretty! It is a very bright fuchsia with purple flecks, the flecks are like tiny flakies =) This is designed to go over the top of other polishes. Next is Maybelline Blazing Berry; another bright fuchsia, not as bright as Strawberry Sizzle though, with gold flecks. Next up is Sally Hansen 'Disco Ball' . This is a almost milky clear base packed with light blue, green and silver glitter. It is very snow-like and I think will be prefect for a Christmas mani. From what I have seen of the new China Glaze Christmas collection, it looks a lot like Snow Globe minus the bigger hex glitter. 

These two are quite possibly my favourites from the trip. On the left is Hello Kitty 'Violet Salome'. I have it on at the moment and it is insanely pretty and impossible to photograph!! The photos are so inaccurate colour-wise. It is actually a plum purple with a duo-chrome simmer in lighter purple and gold but when it is photographed it comes out dark purple/navy. On the right is OPI 'And This Little Piggy'. Pretty pretty pretty!!!!! It is a rose pink with gold and purple shimmer. The polish is quite thin so would be best layered over something else.

Next up is 8 Maybelline Mini Colorama. In the pack there is Party Blue, Urban Coral, Icing Sugar, Ultra Violet, Urban Orange, Wonder Violet and Urban Lemon. All except for Urban Orange and Wonder Violet are cremes, UO and WV are shimmers. The single bottle is called Sweet Candy and is a pastel metallic.

And finally, the BYS polishes. From the left there is Diamond Glitter Rubies and Sapphires, Scented Bright Orange, Scented Light Purple, Purple, Gold Glitter and Light Purple. If you ask me, BYS have become really boring with the names of their polishes. 
There ya have it. 20 polishes. I will be doing some swatches this week. Any requests for what to see first?

When I got home this afternoon I was welcomes by some nail mail from the fabulous Tracy from The Trace Face Philes. I snapped up a couple of Wet'N'Wild's On The Prowl polishes from Tracy's blog sale. Correction Tape and Tangled In My Web. If you aren't already a follower of Tracy, I suggest you become one! She has an awesome blog, a great blog sale and AMAZING giveaways!!

Before I left, my OPI muppets polishes arrived!! I had only ordered two but I plan to order the rest of the glitters in the coming weeks. In the above photo from the left is OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy With It, Rainbow Connection, Wet'N'Wild Tangled In My Web and Correction Tape.
Phew, that was a lot!! Good on ya if you made it through all that jibber jabber haha. Keep an eye out for haul swatches, giveaway winner announcement and continuation of the 31 day challenge =)

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