Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I see what all the fuss is about

A couple weeks ago now I got my first bottle of Seche Vite top coat. It isn't available in stores where I live so I ordered it off a website. I can finally see why everyone in the blogosphere is nuts about this top coat!! It's so smooth and shiny and doesn't smudge konad stamps. I'm impressed. 
This post is a way of procrastinating from studying for my art history test tomorrow and I got a new laptop and want to use it =P
This morning my new OPI Glam Slam nail polishes arrived in the mail. I wasn't really that keen on any of the colours until I saw the goldy/pinky/purply polish that comes with red shatter. I had been watching them on trade me (NZ version of ebay) but they were all so expensive and then I was offered Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter for the price of one OPI in stores so I snapped it up. The Serena Williams range isn't available in stores in NZ either (a very limited range of nail polish is available and it is mighty annoying!!). I haven't got around to trying them out yet but here is a picture of them

Today I have on my nails OPI "Sparrow me the Drama" and OPI "Silver Shatter"
It shattered better on  the other hand but I had painted something else over the thumb before I took photos.


  1. I didn't think much of Seche Vite, I thought 'well how good can it be?'.. Then I got it in a swap! Oh yeah! haha.. It's amazing..

    And nice mani :)

  2. Lol thats exactly how I felt! I figured I could get it reasonably cheap, why not give it a shot. I dont think I could use anything else now

  3. Thats the only problem with SV, you use it once and then you can never use anything else again!!
    Can't wait to see the OPI swatches!!

  4. Haha Ive been thinking the same thing!! I'll have to order another one so I don't run out.