Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fueling the Addiction

Yesterday I added two more polishes to my ever expanding collection and I LOOOOVE them!!
Both the polishes are China Glaze and are full of glitter for a true sparkle overload.

The polish on the left is China Glaze "Atlantis" and on the right China Glaze "Bad Kitty".
"Bad Kitty" looks a bit orange in the photo but it is actually hot pink.

Being a Classical History major at uni, I naturally love anything that refers to Classics so I had to get "Atlantis". The myth is that the island of Atlantis was a great empire where brave and virtuous people lived, but after a time they began to love themselves and power more than the gods so they were punished and an earthquake sank the island into the sea. Dum dum daaaa. Anyway, the nail polish is a beautiful blue-green with silver glitter. I can't wait to use it!

I am also waiting for another nail polish to arrive in the mail and I am SO excited!! I found it on (NZ version of ebay) like many of the other polishes i buy (a lot of good American nail polish brands arn't avaliable here so I have to buy them off people who import them). The polish I'm waiting on is OPI Black Shatter, which is part of OPI's Katy Perry inspired range of colours. I cannot wait for it to arrive! To be honest, I was a bit disappointed when it didn't arrive this morning. I guess I will just have to wait until Monday. It can be a wee pressie to myself for Valentines Day <3


  1. Welcome to the polish blogging community! I'm so happy you found my blog. To get the addict badge, go to 's blog. Her stuff is phenomenal! Search her posts for one entitled "grab a badge" or something like that. You can click on the badge, there are multiple colors to choose from. Right click the one you want and save it to your computer. Or copy and paste.
    Then under the design section, add a gadget, picture, copy and paste the "badge" in the box for image and leave the title and other boxes blank. When you save it, it should just be the image of the badge that shows on your blog.
    Hope this helps and if you have any more questions, I'd love to help!

  2. Yay! it worked! thank you for your help! :)

  3. Could you do a mani using bad kitty? I don't have it yet, altho it's on my wishlist. I'd like to see any art idea you come up with using it!

  4. yeah absolutely! ill try to get one up within the next week :)

  5. I love Atlantis and bought that polish for the exact same reason! :) It's gorgeous!
    Bad Kitty is still on my wishlist... one day it shall be mine!