Friday, September 9, 2011

31 Day Challenge Day 4

Day 4 of the challenge is green! I was going to show Orly Here Comes Trouble but my photos came out weird. Around the edges it looked yellow/orange even though it wasn't in reality. So instead of mediocre photos of a polish that deserves better I'm going to be showing a polish I received in the mail yesterday. That's right! More nail mail =D I ordered OPI Pink Shatter, Gold Shatter and Pair 'Em Scare 'Em duo which comes with Black Shatter and Zom-body To Love (Glow in the dark =D)

This is two coats of Zom-body To Love over one coat of BYS Matte White. Z.T.L is very sheer so I layered over white to avoid VNL.


Here it is with OPI Black Shatter. It looks awesome in the dark with the shatter over it. I had a hard time photographing it though . I'll keep trying. 

This really is the perfect easy look for Halloween =)
Tomorrow for the challenge will be blue and I'm showing one of my all time favourite polishes!
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