Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kleancolor Swatches

Today I have some swatches of 6 Kleancolor glitter polishes; Black Out, V.I.P, Kiss Goodbye, Grand Finale, 24 Carat and Peaceful Heart.

First up is Black Out. This is a sheer polish with small silver glitter and hexagonal silver holo glitter. I found this polish was too thin and that made it difficult to work with. It liked flooding my cuticles. This is two coats.

Next up is V.I.P. I liked this one more than I thought I would. I'm not much of a fan of red but this was nice. I like how there is silver and gold glitter in the polish as well as the red so the red is not so overwhelming. This polish was easier to work with than Black Out. This was one coat.

Kiss Goodbye is my favourite from this set. It is a clear polish with pink, gold, blue and silver micro glitter. I looove it. It was easy to work with and the glitter applied evenly. This was only one coat.

Grand Finale would come a close second to Kiss Goodbye. I like that it has silver holo sticks of glitter rather than circles or hexagons. One coat.

24 Carat was a bit disappointing to me. In the bottle there are gold holo diamond pieces but I could not get one out no matter how hard I tried! This polish is such a tease. Without the diamonds 24 Carat is rather boring, just another gold glitter. *yawn*. One coat

And last but not least, Peaceful Heart. This polish has small green glitter as well as green holo hearts. The glitter is not as dense as 24 Carat or V.I.P. I did manage to get a heart out on my first try though so that makes it better than 24 Carat in my book =P. One coat.

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