Friday, January 20, 2012

Back To Basics & Nail Mail

Hello! Today was a good day for nail polish! I received two nail mail parcels, one from Born Pretty and one from USA Nails Online. Here is what I got...

I thought I'd give the new born pretty mega plates a try. TBH, I'm a little disappointed. The images are waaay smaller than I thought they'd be and many of them wont cover the whole nail. The nice thing about these plates is that some of the images have a half-moon edge so they could be used as tip designs.

I also got a wheel of square rhinestones and a wheel of 'steel balls'. I this what some people call bullion beads?

This Color Club 'All About French" set arrived from USA Nails. I love a good french mani. There is something so classic and timeless about it. I got this set for $14 NZD (approx $11USD). I don't know if you ladies from the US think this is good or not but in NZ this is a very good price for 7 nail polishes from a good brand haha.

So here is my french mani using Color Club French Tip and Color Club Femme A La Mode. 

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