Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Precious!

I've been a bit of a bad blogger in the last week but I am hoping that my next couple of posts will make up for it. Do you remember that thing I mentioned a couples of posts back but had to wait for them to arrive? In THIS post to be precise? Well, they're here and they are beautiful and now I can tell you what they are!
It is none other than 3 polishes from the highly coveted and HTF China Glaze OMG collection! YAY!! It was a very rare occurrence that 6 polishes from this collection were on Trade Me at the same time! In the entire time that I have been into nail polish and have been scouring TM for good deals and HTF polishes, I have only ever seen one OMG polish (that one happened to be GR8, and I welcomed it into my collection with open arms).
Here are the beauties that have made their way to my polish army...

I'm going to start with swatches from my favourite of the three: IDK
Get your bibs ladies

 no flash

no flash

There isn't much to say. IDK speaks for itself. I never want to take it off which makes things hard because I want to try out the other two! Argh what to do!?
These photos are of two coats with SV top coat

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