Thursday, April 28, 2011

All Sorts of Goodies!!

Today has been a very exciting polish day!! To start thins off, my friend and I went shopping where I picked up my first flaky polish, Colour Club "Covered in Diamonds", as well as Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Celeb City"..

After shopping, my parents arrived home from their holiday in Australia and brought with them 7 new nail polishes for me!!! SEVEN!! =) They're the best! haha.

From the left there is OPI "Bogota Blackberry", "Big Hair...Big Nails", "Tease-y Does It" and "Simmer and Shimmer"

 From the left again, there is Nicole by OPI "I've Got The Power", "Virtuous Violet" and "Make Mine Lime". They're all so pretty!! I wanted to try them all out but that would have turned into a mismatched mess so I settled for using the three Nicole polishes

This is two coats of the violet and pink and three coats of green. The Green came out a little bit sheer so needed the extra coat. I love these colours! They're so bright. "Virtuous Violet" has a bit of a pink shimmer to it that didn't show up in the photos.
I stamped using Konad polish black and silver on Konad plate m63. The silver tips were done using Sally Hansen "Celeb City".
I cannot wait to try the rest of these polishes and no doubt photos will be up on here soon! Stay tuned.


  1. yay for hauls!
    i want covered in diamonds so bad.

  2. :D
    Covered in Diamonds is so pretty! I love the subtle blue/purple tones in it