Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quit Bugging Me, Lady

Helloooo! Hope everyone has had a great week. Mine has been so hectic, I haven't had time for most things let a lone painting my nails, so they're naked at the moment! =S This week I've had assignments and tests for uni but its all over now and I'm on holiday for two weeks! YAY. I have to do two assignments in that time but it shouldn't be too bad. Today I have a mani I did a few months ago..

Lady Birds!! When I was a kid I use to love ladybirds. There was a big oak tree at my primary school that always had them on it and my friends and I would find them and put them in our lunch boxes.
For this I used Orly "Star Spangled" and Supreme Nails nail art pen in "Black"

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