Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I've crossed to the dark side

For Christmas last year, my sister gave me a voucher for me to get my nails done and on Saturday I finally got around to getting them done. It was a nice way to relax after a stressful uni week and a perfect way to welcome midterm break. Going in I was only going to get my nails shaped and polished but came out with this....

Acrylics! With sparkly white tips. I haven't had acrylic nails since my 7th form ball three years ago. I like getting them every so often but prefer the look of natural nails. It's nice to have a change every once in a while though. The manicurist did a cute little flower on the ring finger...

The pink is a bit more hot pink than it is in the picture. I'm going to have a go at painting them in the next couple of days. 
Hopefully tomorrow my new konad plates will arrive!! Will keep y'all posted =D

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